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Buy Armor Hero Action Figures - Middleman

Hello and welcome to our website. Altough this is a brazilian website dedicated to Tokusatsu and chinese series, we opened this English page for all Armor Hero fans who´d like to buy these action figures.

We made a special agreement with one China toy store, and they will sell to the world 4 action figures from Armor Hero Lava, the "DX" ones, with power ups.

Produced by Auldey, the toy characters are Armor Hero Lava (red, fire), Tsunami (blue,water), Tornado (green, wind) and Cliff (purple, earth).

Take a look in the OP of the Lava series:

Normally chinese stores (physical and online stores) do not sell Giant Saver and Armor Hero items because these toys are hot sale inside China, and they believe that outside of it, the items will not sell nicely. So they focus on japanese and other hot stuff to sell to Europe and America.

If we sell them well, our partner may offer us other toy lines, such as Giant Saver or Armor Hero XT and Carbon.

Please check the images below to take a better view on the toys. They have 7.4 inches height, about 14 articulation points, each one come with it's own stand, the weapons shown in the images, 6 pairs of hands, very good sculpture and plastic. Generally you can compare them to the S.I.C. line from Bandai.

The box itself have about 700 grams, but you can choose to receive them without the box, for lower tax purposes (depending on the Country).

How the business works:

When you buy one or more, we'll send the payment to China, and after some days you will receive the tracking code (normally after 1 week). After it, we will keep an eye on the tracking. To Countries like United States, with outstanding service and customs, the package can be delivered from 10 to 25 days.

We are the middleman responsable for this transaction, so we will keep an eye even in the tracking. Also, it's our responsability to send the correct shipping address to China and make sure everything is going well.

The Prices (to the U.S. and using Paypal*):

U$56,20** with standard registered China Post shipping (10 - 25 days)
U$86,00** with EMS (5 - 10 days).
U$93,00** with DHL Express (3 - 7 days)

*Other Countries, please contact us for the correct shipping prices.
**The product+shipping prices may vary from day to day, due to different quotations. Anyway, this is a estimative and won't change a lot. Sometimes, just cents, more or less. Anything a bit heavy, we will inform before any business is done.

How to pay:

You can pay using Paypal or Western Union. Contact by whatsapp +55(Brazil code) 5185539721 , E-mail (same address of the Paypal account) or by private message in the Fanpage.

How to trust?

This is the first time we offer business outside Brazil, but our group was born in 2006, with fansubs, fanpages, websites and we take our job as "tokufans" seriously. Also inside Brazil we acted as middleman for about 4 years, buying from Ebay and Yahoo Auctions with many happy customers.

We would never destroy our name with such bad acts.

Customs Taxes:

This will be held by the customer. In the good Countries of the World, taxes are not so high. If you want, we can ask our partner to declare a lower price on the item. Like U$19,00. The product is heavy, big, and nothing less than U$19,00 may pass.

About the toy company:

Auldey is a chinese toy factory with outstanding quality in everything they make. Far from the cheap stuff we could buy in the old PIC 'N SAVE (Alhambra - California people may remember it from the 1980's. It was a store in Valley Ave.), known as "made in china".

They are so big inside China that they own their very production studio called Alpha Animation (producing animated series, and Live Action like Armor Hero and Giant Saver). They also own their TV Station in China.

As you can see by the photos, quality is perfect. To a specific review on a toy, check this video (japanese language).


You can use Whatsapp, E-mail or the fanpage to contact us, or even the Contact Us page inside this website.

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